E-Bots 2.0

Coming January 2021

LEGO Robotics

Our E-Bots LEGO Robotics classes are for children in Grade 4+ .

We will be providing online,  LIVE synchronous programming classes with 5 students maximum per class.  

We are excited to be introducing the NEW LEGO developed Scratch language. Although our beginner class will continue to be taught in EV3-G.

Our course codes and curriculum will be changing and that means realigning all our past students. We will have clear and instructional guidelines to merge everyone into the new online format. 

At the moment our equipment will continue as our recent Spring/Summer online classes. We have had success at loaning out our EV3 robots for use at home while students were signed up for the duration of the class. In addition, a robot table with a exercise mat, was supplied for the robot to run on.


Beyond LEGO

Our E-Bots Beyond LEGO classes are for children in Grade 6+ or have completed our E-Bots Level 3 Course (or equivalent in the new course codes).

We offer courses in text base coding, FIRST LEGO League prepartion and Arduino.

In these classes we extend on all our base concepts and broaden the childrens minds to other possibilites in the robotic world.

We have spent this time exploring new and exciting ways to bring robotics & programming into your homes. 

We’re excited to be expanding to our Beyond LEGO classes with (hopefully) Python, JavaScript, Arduino Level 2 class and more.