Why isn’t the Winter Schedule out yet?

During the Fall we are coaching 3 FIRST LEGO League Explore Teams, 4 FIRST LEGO League Challenge Teams, our World Robotics Olympiad Team and our VEX Robotics Team. 

7 of those 9 teams compete at the end of November/beginning of Decemeber. We don’t know yet if the will be moving on to other events that occur in January/February. 

Unfortunately as a small business if we put aside time for them but then they don’t move on we end up with space on the schedule and vice versa. As well some of our incredibly talented Grade 12 students teach for us and like most teenagers, they are not the best at figuring out their school schedules. 

It’s not an ideal situation but 16 years in, its always the same.

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Our most common question; “my kiddo has scratch experience what level should they be taking?”

It is REALLY important to note at this point that while your student may have Scratch experience that does not mean they have LEGO EV3 Scratch experience. The LEGO environment utilizes their version of the MIT scratch language but in most circumstances, students will not have been taught the EV3 robot along with Scratch.

This means that Level 1 will be the correct starting place for their E-Bot’s experience if they are new to working with us and if they have previous scratch experience.

Please remember that only 10% of our teaching is focused on the environment/language and the remainder is on the logic of programming that extends across languages and platforms and the soft skills (critical thinking, analysis, problem solving, etc) that goes hand in hand.

Our Referral Program

A family, who have taken at minimum one class/program, may refer a NEW student to E-Bots (Robot 1, or first time WeeBots program).

Both the new student & the referring family will receive a $10 discount.

The new student will receive the discount on the program they are registrating for. The referring family will receive the discount on their next session they register for. This is due to the “no limit” policy we have for those who are referring friends, so several referral discounts can come in during the registration process.

There is no limit to how many referral discounts a referring family can receive towards the cost of their own programs!


– Referrals cannot be used for siblings from the same families

– Referral credits are non-transferrable

– Referrals MUST be on the registration forms at the time of registering and will not be honoured after registration

– Referrals are only on Robot 1 & WeeBots programs.

– There are no “cash” value associated to the discount, and families won’t be reimbursed for “referral credits” unused.