Coronavirus Update

There’s no question these days – the declaration of COVID‑19 as a worldwide health pandemic is having an impact on our lives, business operations and the way we interact with one another.

E-Bots is considered a non-essential service, so we will NOT be running our spring schedule as planned, in house.

However, that doesn’t mean we aren’t working diligently to create a new opportunity for you this spring at E-Bots with LIVE online classes. For those that missed out on registration or had previous commitments, this new information might be relevant to you.

To help us with this endeavour, we would like to hear from you regarding interest, needs and certain info that can help us finalize details before presenting you with our spring online line-up. We have created a short survey if you would take the time to answer by Friday night at 6pm?

click here to answer survey please

Thanks for supporting E-Bots, and we hope to continue bringing you, in a new way, our much loved programs.

Stay tuned, and healthy!

 John, Pam & Stephanie