Coronavirus Update

Update October 6th 2020

Hi E-Bots Families,

First of all, thank you to those of you that responded to our survey in August helping us to understand your needs and wants so that we could make a plan for moving forward in this covid pandemic environment.  Also thank you to all the families that supported us with registrations at the beginning of the pandemic.

We have discovered over the last 6 months, despite all of our efforts, that our biggest challenge is how to keep our students and staff safe in the requirement of a socially distanced environment and financially be able to support ourselves. We have been very fortunate that the government interceded on behalf of small businesses but it can’t go on forever. The present classrooms are too small capped at 3 students financially, and with 4 classrooms in the building, we cannot be covid safe in our small hallway transitioning in and out of the building.

After 12 years and well over 4000 students going through our doors, we have made the very difficult decision to close our brick and mortar location. However…. we are not done, and we are not giving up!  We refuse to have a covid death be our legacy!

So be prepared, because E-Bots 2.0 is coming soon….November.

What will it look like?

We will be providing online,  LIVE synchronous programming classes with 5 students maximum per class, for grades 4+.  (We will not be offering our weebots program online at this time)

As you may know, since March we’ve been fighting the discrepancies between the current Mac OS & PC due to different EV3 Mindstorms being available. In an effort to universally roll out the new scratch based platform we have held off teaching students with Mac computers, something we were loath to do.

Thankfully, in mid September the PC version of the new EV3 Mindstorms was released. Unfortunately it came out too late for us to do a proper implementation into our curriculum and so we’ve made the very difficult decision to not teach in October. This gives us the time to do a proper reconstruction of our curriculum to better suit our new online format. We are overhauling all of our courses. As you can imagine that’s no easy task.

Our beginner students, for the moment will continue with EV3-G graphical editor for their first introductions but all returning students will be moved over to the new scratch format. Our course codes will be changing but don’t worry we’re going to have a very clear explanation so that you know where your child will fit in the new E-Bots 2.0.

At the moment our equipment will continue as our recent Spring/Summer online classes. We have had success at loaning out our EV3 robots for use at home while students were signed up for the duration of the class. In addition, a robot table with a exercise mat, was supplied for the robot to run on.

We aren’t just rolling out a new LEGO Robotics Programming but we’re hoping to expand our Beyond LEGO classes. We’ve been testing and finding unique ways to bring you; Python, JavaScript and hopefully an Arduino Level 2 Class for all those who’ve already gone through the first class.

We have been truly blessed with the ability to continue to support three of our competitive teams; 2 LEGO & 1 VEX. We have acquired a new socially distanced-able location that is used solely for the teams and our online teaching.  This new location will be the pickup and drop off location for robots/equipment for online classes. It is on the border of Oakville/Burlington. More details to come.

We hope that during the coming days and 2nd wave, we all stay healthy and safe and we appreciate your ongoing support and patience.

We will be back with E-Bots 2.0 very soon!

John, Pam & Stephanie