Coronavirus Update

Update August 26th 2020

To our E-Bots families,

We want to assure you that we take the health and well-being of our E-Bots community very seriously. Like you, we’re closely monitoring the covid environment, and we have undertaken a survey with you so we can make decisions to best serve you this fall.

While these past few months have been unsettling and worrisome as to the longevity of our business and our ability to still bring our sought after programs to our students, it gave us a pause that allowed us to quickly restructure our pre-covid-19 classes, and present programs that we were able to continue from May to August. The success of these classes has given us the confidence that we can still have a positive impact in many young lives.

When daycares opened in June, we were given an opportunity to bring students into our facility to provide our level 1 E-Bots classes in a day camp setting. Where we once would have taught 90 level 1 students over the course of the summer, we were able to provide learning for only 12 through social distancing. Quite a difference!  We sent out our survey last week to ask for your thoughts.  We were left wondering, was the summer attendance indicative of our future?

We feel it is too soon to say. Some families are heading back to school, some are doing online learning, and some are choosing homeschooling. Equally split are those that will send their children in to our building, want to do online learning and those that have no plans at this time either way.

We have therefore decided to continue with our level 1 in facility instruction for the month of September. The new schedule is posted and registration will begin on Fri. Aug. 28th at 10am.

John and Stephanie will be using the month of September to do some research and development on future courses. Analyzing other platforms for coding, other robot equipment and hopefully addressing the Apple vs PC issue, that we have presently (we are only able to teach online with PC’s, at the moment).

They will be back for level 2+ E-Bots classes in October, also hoping that families have gone through the hurdle of the new protocols for school, having worked them into some kind of family schedule.  If your student is level 2+, we hope that you will stand by and join us then.

For those interested in level 1, we are following all public health measures designed to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 as we have a smaller group size of 3 children per class to allow for physical distancing. We will ask parents to understand that we are still very much in a fluid environment regarding covid-19 and any new information forthcoming from the government could affect our ability to operate in the facility, all information will be promptly communicated with those who register.

Thank for your continued support and we wish everyone a good start to the new school year!  We look forward to seeing our students again soon and sharing in their future learning.

John, Pam & Stephanie