Q: Does my child have to have experience with Robotics or computers?
A: No, because we will be working with the children introducing the concepts that will let them build their knowledge to complete the tasks. The robot’s task requires different levels of knowledge which lets more than one child work on the task and have input.
Q: What is the adult to student ratio?
A: John is the “head coach” at E-Bots. Assisting him is Stephanie, his daughter. Together, they will be the mentors for concepts and learning sessions. In the summer we have additional summer staff and volunteers which assist in the group tasks and challenges. At a minimum, there will be John +1 volunteer for 10 children.
Q: Will my child be in front of a computer all the time?
A: No, there will be concepts and learning sessions which they may be sitting through but for the majority of the time there will interactive group work when the children will be moving around building their robots and testing them at the task assigned.
Q. Do you do robots all day long when you are in an all day program?
YES… except for lunch, we do robots and learning all day long! No swimming or outside play, you can do that when you get home! When this is “your thing”, it’s not an effort ….it’s paradise!
Q: My child, under 9, is very smart....can they come?
A: We have spent quite a bit of time with children here at E-Bots and feel that the ages we have chosen will ensure that the children get the most out of their experience based on factors such as reading ability and level of focus, math & science skills. If they are in grade 2 or 3 we suggest the Wee-Bots class, where they will learn about simple and compound machines.
Q: Will my 9 year old be with the older children?
A: Yes, Lego robotics provides an open environment for children to work at different levels sharing their knowledge and experience. Both older and younger children can learn much from each other.
Q: What time can I drop-off and pick-up?
A: Generally 10 minutes before class time is all that is necessary. Parents are not included during activity time as the children find this very distracting but parents are invited 10 minutes before the end of class to see what the children have created.

In the summer we offer an early drop off and late pick up as we understand that sometimes our programs don’t fit into work schedules;

Drop off between 8:00-8:45 AM; $25/per week.

Pick up between 4:15-5:30 PM; $35/per week

You can select this option when you register.

Q: What does my child need to bring?
A: No need to bring your Mindstorms kit if you have one. We don’t want to mix up pieces and be responsible for them going missing. If your child wants to bring a journal to take their own notes, they are welcome to do that. The use of MP3’s, hand held games or cell phone games will only be allowed before or after sessions. Please label all important items.
Q: Do you provide lunch in the summer?
A: No we do not.  Your child will need to arrive with a packed lunch. We have a “no peanut butter/nuts policy” in place, pack what you would if they were eating at school. We do have a microwave for heating up food.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: If you should need to cancel your spot more than 3 weeks before the starting date of a program there is a refund, minus a $50 registration fee . If cancellation of a program is within 3 weeks of a program start date it is refunded at 50% of the cost. Once a program has started there is no refund. All requests must be in writing.
Q. What happens if my child misses a class?
A: Learning to program requires a commitment to each lesson presented as we are building the concepts of programming each week. If your child misses a class, then  that is your responsibility to their learning. We do not do make up classes as we are here each week to provide the weekly lessons.  We will provide a recap at the beginning of each class and children always work with a partner that they may work with to catch up.
What happens if the weather is bad on a day we have a class?
A: We will post on the website by 2pm on the day in question if we are cancelling a class.  It will be your responsibility to check the website to see if a class has been cancelled or is running.
Q: What if I just found out about your program and want to start a program late?
A: If we have started a program and there is still space, you may start on the 2nd week without having missed too much as we will have done a lego robot build and an intro to the sensors in the 1st class. As the weeks go on, the sensors will be discussed in much more detail. We do not prorate our fees.
Q: My child loves LEGO, they will be so excited to build!
A: We are 95% programming and only 5% build as the children go through the programming levels. Understanding how to move a robot and command it is our first commitment. There are programs we offer later where children will get instruction and support for lego robot building. Traditional “static” lego building is very different to building a robot on the move!
Q: My child has done a robotics class somewhere else
A: Please ensure that your child has actually learned and worked with the LEGO Mindstorms programming platform. Children who have worked with scratch, java or other languages do not have the knowledge to start in our higher levels and have to start in our level 1 E-Bots program. If your child does have past Mindstorms experience, call the office and we will set up an assessment time to decide the level they should be taking.
Q: Do you have a team for the First Lego League?
A: FLL happens in the Fall each year, invitations will be given in the spring and summer as we see children who we feel would benefit from the program,  they must have completed the necessary levels to compete and have shown a profound interest and are team players.
Q: I have a teenager who has been involved at his/her school in robotics, can they come and do some high school volunteer hours?
A: Yes, give us a call and we will have a short interview with them to see what level they are at and in what way we can make their experience the best for them. Volunteer hours are usually offered in the summer. Call the office.
Q: I have a question that is not listed here?
A: Great! Email us at info@ebots.ca or call the office 905-337-1299. We will gladly answer it and share it here for others to see.