Current FLL Teams

Our cities and towns face big issues, like transportation, accessibility and even natural disasters. This season the students are being tasked with identifing a problem with a building or public space in our community, designing a solution and sharing our solution with others.

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Slide through to see our 3 amazing teams from 2021/2022

Team 5875

“Crate Mates”

Dec 11th –  Hamilton HWCDSB Regional Qualifying Event

Won 1st Place Champions

Won Top Robot Performance

Robot Scored 600 on the table. 

Team 3436

“SKIP the Spills”

Dec 5th –  Windsor – Essex Regional Qualifying Event

Won 1st Place Champions

Robot Scored 460 on the table. 

Team 3434

“The Tracker Packers”

Dec 5th –  York Regional Qualifying Event

Won 2nd Place Champions

Robot Scored 440 on the table.