Before the competition

The Dundas team of 10 who have been prepping and practising since August were off to Niagara College on Saturday for their regional FIRST LEGO League (FLL) competition.  This is a universal challenge that over 25,000 teams compete in annually.  In Ontario we have over 400 teams that compete in two divisions, west and east.  E-Bots teams’ compete in the west.

The competition consists of 3 equal parts, a science research project, a robot challenge and a teamwork dynamic.  The children are 9-14 years of age, typically grade 4-10 and at E-Bots come from many differphpw0vauppment schools.  They work together on teamwork skills, research, writing and presenting their information, the robot table challenge and they put it all together to compete against other teams at their regional event, hoping to proceed to Provincials. Which they did!

They also were the highest scoring robot for the day with 78 points, which is a great achievement on this table, this year!  Their robot could do more points but they ran into problems with their light sensors and the spot lights on the table, something that shouldn’t normally go together.phpsx1ptupm

Congratulations team 5875 members, and parents on your exciting 2nd place Champions award and advancement to Provincials in February. E-Bots is very proud of you!


2nd place Champions!