So much has happened since Feb. 4th, and I will try to update it all for you. First, for our FLL teams, they need to be celebrated for their awesome achievements at the Ontario West Provincials at the University of Waterloo!

We had 3 teams at provincials representing E-Bots. The team, Cowabunga had 3 callbacks for the afternoon which is always a good sign, however they did chase problems with their robot the rest of the day.   In the end they earned the Mechanical Design Award and had an awesome experience!


TheDundas team really enjoyed their day!  They were great support for each other cheering their team on on the robot table and got really involved in all the kid friendly activities, even getting Stefanie involved in building a cup tower!   They earned the Programming Award for their robot.

The Hydrators were asked to perform their project presentation on stage in front of the whole gym, which they had great fun doing.  They had a working prototype of their project for provincials which helped to explain their product.  They won the Champions Award with an invitation to the World Festival in St. Louis in April, stay tuned for more of their adventures….

There is another competition that FIRST LEGO League has had for years but recently is being celebrated in our province as the Ontario Innovation Celebration.   It happens 3 weeks after the west provincials and it includes the TOP  teams for their project ideas  from the EAST and the WEST and 4 WILDCARDS from regional events. The 18 teams meet at IBM with business leaders and FLL judges to be judged for the ultimate top 2 projects in Ontario. They are then invited to submit to the GLOBAL Innovation Celebration, which if they earn,  are then one of 20 teams invited to Washington in June to continue competing with their project for the ultimate $25,000 prize towards their project development. Check the next blog for the update on the E-Bots teams.