Feb. 25th was a super busy day around here at E-Bots, well not actually at E-Bots but for E-Bots. John was away in St. Catharines with 2 VEX teams while Pam was at IBM with 4 FLL teams.

The VEX Pilons this year have an A and a B team.  Sadly we are losing 6 students on to bigger and better things, university!  So we had to use this year as a learning opportunity while they could, for new students to pick the older brains before they leave.

It has been an interesting year finding room for 18 kids to work in one tiny room with a 12 x 12 foot table!  But they have managed to break up meetings and in the end, they have proved their efforts, both teams have qualified for the World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky April 19-22.

They compete in a robot challenge game, a drivers skills challenge, a robot programming skills challenge and can win the Excellence award (overall balanced in everything).  Both teams qualified for worlds with their robot programming skills challenge, finishing 5th and 16th in the WORL
D.   Also, because both teams won excellence awards here during their regional competitions, they are allowed to be considered for the World’s Excellence award at the Worlds. Something the team won a few years back!  Quite the honour, as it is the highest achievement you can win!