There is much activity going on in the rooms at E-Bots these days as we prepare for 6 teams for competition in the next 2 weeks. Dates are online in the “upcoming competition” section.

If you want to know more about what to do with LEGO Mindstorms, do not miss the Niagara FIRST LEGO League competition Dec. 3rd or for those closer to home, the Halton FLL competition Dec. 10th. You will see first hand what the children have done with their programming skills and see some very creative robots in action.

For those who have wondered what VEX is, do not miss the chance to see our invitational high school team in action. They have been squirreled away since they got back from the World Championships last April, already working on this year’s challenge. VEX involves a lot of strategy in the game play and scouting the other teams in play. It makes the competition day so exciting as the students must be on the ball and change to conditions quickly, involving problem solving at its best!