The E-Bots Pilons wear neon orange shirts and pylon cone hats!

Wow the action was fierce!  Really you say, yes, you have to see the Pilons in action!  It is so very exciting to see these 2 teams battle it out with brains and strategy.  You don’t want to miss the opportunity of seeing what your child’s future can be!  The pilons are impressive, walking away with another Excellence Award for all aspects of the VRC challenge on Jan. 14th in Newmarket.

The 5225A team (the older more experienced members) actually broke a WORLD record on the day of competition at the York Region VRC hosted by iDesign.  Unfortunately now 3 weeks later they have moved down into 5th place in the world, but they are seriously building and strategizing changes for an even more competitive robot to be ready on Feb. 25th at Governor Simcoe Secondary School in St. Catharines for the Ontario Provincials. If they are able to stay in the top 50 in the world by the 1st of March, they will earn an instant invitation to compete at the World Competition in Kentucky in April.

However, they also will have an opportunity to compete at the World’s by winning the tournament game, or robot design, or excellence award at Provincials. All of which are within the realm of possibilities.  This is a World ranked team! They have achieved world status every year in their 6 year history so far and we aim to make this year no different!  They have 5 World first place trophies for different activities and in fact won the overall Excellence Award at the Worlds, making them 1st in the world.  They have been nominated by their peers 2 years in a row to win the Inspire award.