December 10th 2016, the Oakville location of E-Bots took their 3 FLL teams to Holy Trinity C.S.S. for the Halton Regional FLL event.

It was an early start at 7:30 but the adrenaline rush carried everyone thought out the day until late in the afternoon when the awards ceremony took place. The FLL challenge is 3 part, robot, teamwork and project.  We  thought it might be interesting to highlight the teams and their projects.  We were extremely proud of these teams, as we always are, and look forward to them sharing and competing at the Provincials on Feb. 4th at Waterloo.

Team 3434, “The ElimiNEIGHtors”  This young team designed a Carrot Cannon”,  yes, exactly what it sounds like! It shoots carrot discs across the horses stall so that when a horse is in their stall, they will have something to do each hour rather then developing the bad habits that can come with horses on stall rest for long periods of time. They had the most reliable robot, with 3 round points that were not only almost the same but almost their personal best!  They placed 2nd on the table for the day of all the teams. They won the Innovative Solution award and were chosen to submit their project idea for the Global Innovation Celebration on Feb. 25th at IBM.  **their project was chosen yesterday and they will be competing with the other 17 Provincially top teams for a chance to advance to the World Global Innovation competition in Washington in June.

Team 3765, “Cow-a-Bunga”  This group of 8 tackled ? hmmm, could it be cows? Why yes it was. There is a very contagious disease called Johne’s disease that can wipe out a herd of cows in very little time. It is almost impossible to detect, but a first step would be to take certain
precautions when a calf is born.  But how do you know when a calf is coming?  Well, this team have designed an alert monitor for when a cow is going to drop a calf at anytime of day or night.  This would alert the farmer and let him put other precautions into place to help eliminate the spread the Johne’s disease to the new calf. Their robot placed 7th for the day with many gyro issues.  Their robot won them the Mechanical Design Award and they earned an invitation to the Provincials Feb. 4th.

Team 3436,  “The Hydrators” This team designed a watering post called the H2O Post , “Horses Hydrating Outside”.  It hydrates multiple horses at one watering source so the horses can be recorded drinking and the amounts. Drinking water is the single most important indicator for horse wellness. This team was awarded the Champions Award 1st place, and scored 4th on the robot table, even though the robot never achieved their max score.  They were chosen to proceed to the Provincials Feb. 4th.