Register for August Programs

August ScheduleCOVID19 Update

How We Register Students;

  • Every registration form and payment is date stamped. We will notify parents by Sunday June 21st with information. 
  • You will receive an invoices will be sent out July 1st with payment due on July 3rd.
  • Please let the office know if you have registered and then changed your mind. We will offer your spot to another child.


We kindly ask that refunds are requested in writing or via e-mail. Our classes are kept to a minimum for your childrens’ benefit, please understand that last minute cancellations may mean someone has been turned away from a class that was full and now a child will miss an opportunity.

  • At this time with COVID19 cancellations made after payment received will be refunded at 50% of the program cost. As classes are starting within a week of payments and the limited spaces we have in classes. 
  • Cancellations after the start of a program are not refunded.

Program Fees & Payments; 

  • Program fees are not transferable to another season.
  • Program prices and schedules are subject to change.
  • All payments are done online. You will receive an email invoice which will allow you to click and pay by credit card online. If you wish to pay by E-Transfer, please advise which invoice you are paying and too look for the transfer.
  • At this time each invoice is provided 3  days to make payment if payment has not been made by due date the student will be removed from the class list.
  • If a class goes into a waitlist situation parents will be asked to pay for their spot prior to their 3 day due date.
  • ALL classes must be paid 2 days from the start of the program despite whatever time is left on their 3 day grace period. 

How Classes Work; 

While challenges/topics may be similar across levels the way we solve them are as uniquely organic as the unqiue children that make up the class. Due to this;

  • We do not provide make-up/drop-in classes or prorated fees..
  • Signing into online classes should be limited to 5 minutes before class. 
  • It is our intention that every class shall run when offered, and will do so to the best of our ability. Should registration be too low to effectively run a class you will be notified asap and any fee’s paid, will be returned.

All Other Administration Information;

  • Additional requests to the office: such as a reference letter, copies of receipts, etc. incur a $25 administrative fee +HST

If you have any questions please contact


  1. Enter Participant Information.
  2. Select WeeBots or E-Bots.
  3. Select a Course Level.
  4. Select day and time.
  5. Select a Payment Option.
  6. Submit the form.

Please take a moment and read the “PLEASE READ” section of registration.

  • You will receive notification that you have made your class by Sunday June 21st .
  • Invoices will be sent out July 1st payment due by July3rd. 
  • Every registration form is date stamped.

If you change your mind about taking the class please let us know ASAP.