Looking for a different type of class?

For all our online classes;

Students will be provided with robot & activity board that will be picked up prior to the start of classes and returned shortly upon completion.

Program length is five weeks for a total of 15 hrs (10 classes in total). Classes are 2x a week for 1.5hrs a class.

Students will be required to have a computer (MAC or PC) running their programming environment and Zoom. Specific programming environment is listed under each Level.

Unfortunately not all levels will be available every month.  

All our prices are + HST. 

Things to note

  • Children MUST have the prequisite class for the class they are registering for.
  • If you feel your child may know more than Class A please contact info@ebots.ca for an assessment.
  • Children cannot move on from one level to the next without permission from their teachers.
  • Every child is unique and different and so too are their learning styles. Not all children learn as quickly as others and for that reason our program is not “pass/fail”. Children may require a secondary pass at some concepts and if so should never be considered “failure”.