Designed for Grades 2-3, our classes are a max size of 6 students where children will be partnered for activities and are expected to co-operate and share well.
Not every porgram will run every season.
Spring Schedule*NEW* Summer Schedule

WeeBots 1

Introduction to Simple Machines

Children build and play with lego models, exploring how objects in the world around them have movement. Through experimenting and exploration the students will predict results of basic mechanical principles of gears, levers, pulleys and wheels and axles. They will be actively involved in creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork skills. This is a structured time of learning.

  • For children who are going into  grade 2 or 3 in September 2017 for our Spring Session and going into grade 2 or 3 in September 2018 for our summer session. 
  • No previous experience is required

WeeBots 2

Mechanical Machines

Children will investigate compound simple machines that use their energy. They will be estimating, predicting and problem solving more complicated lego models than in Wee-Bots 1, to investigate the relationships of more than one simple machine on a model and how they can effect the outcome of its movement.

Students must have taken WeeBots 1.

WeeBots 3

Mechanical Machines

Experimenting with motors and battery energy, children will build more advanced lego models to investigate, estimate, predict and problem solve compound simple machines and understand the outcome of movement

Students must have taken WeeBots 2.

WeeBots 4

 Introduction to Programming

Children will be using the Lego WeDo platform as they begin the process of understanding a robot programming. They will  program simple robot models that are connected to their computers. They will be actively involved in creative thinking, problem solving and teamwork skills as well as developing their skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Students must have taken WeeBots 3 and be in grade 3.

WeeBots Summer Fun

Only Offered in the Summer. 

This summer we’ve made some alterations to our WeeBots program. Let’s have some fun with machines. This class time will be a more open learning experience for our WeeBot-ers than we have had in the past. The children will participate in hands-on building and experimentation as they construct their own creations. Children will learn the importance of engineering in their everyday lives whilst not losing sight of all the fun they can have just building with lego.

Students must have taken WeeBots 1 & must have completed Grade 2.

Intro to E-Bots

Only Offered in the Summer. 

This NEW summer only program bridges the gap for students completing WeeBots or Grade 3 and prepares them for E-Bots. Introducing students to logic statements, linear thinking and mindstorms software instruction. Coupled with free building  time this program offers these young budding engineers and coders the opportunity to get used to a structured computer programming classroom environment without overwhelming them.

This is an ALL DAY program. Students must have completed Grade 3.