Changes to Our Courses

We are making some BIG changes to our courses! Please find below the new “prerequisites” and how to properly figure out which class to enroll your student in.

Please find all descriptions for the classes on our Summer Classes Page

WeeBots Summer Fun – This new summer option is for all WeeBot students that have completed WeeBots 1 and/or any alternative WeeBots programs with E-Bots Robotics. Open to Grades 2 & 3.

We have re-structured the E-Bots Programs with the addition of Level 4. Please see below;

E-Bots Level 1 –  This class will have the same structure as it always has. It will be an introduction to the Lego Mindstorms hardware and basic programming. 

Level 1 is the only class available to students starting Grade 4 in September. 

E-Bots Level 2 – Level 2 will splitting up the original Level 2 into more manageable “chunks” for the students to get a better understanding of the logic topics covered. Concepts that were originally covered in Level 2 will be sprinkled between Level 2, 3 &4.

E-Bots Level 3 – While the name seems familiar the concepts being taught in this class are primarily new and those returning concepts will have a facelift. Level 3 is the new prerequisite to be considered for a position on our FLL teams. It will cover many of the programming concepts that are necessary for children to approach and be successful on an FLL table. If your child has already taken Level 3 they should take Level 3 again as the course will be different. 

E-Bots Level 4 – New and exciting! Looking to extend their programming experience Level 4 will open the possibilities of the EV3 software. 

Our VEX program is returning but it is no longer called VEX please welcome ROBOTC to our rooster. ROBOTC will have many changes to it and happily welcomes new and returning students who perhaps want a refresher course. The prerequisite for this class will be either new or old Level 3 program.

We are welcoming two new programs to our summer schedule;

Arduino – Arduino is an open-source platform used for building electronics projects. It consists of a physical programmable circuit board and software. We are seeing the Arduino platform become quite popular with people/students just starting out with electronics, and for good reason, it’s ease of use and it’s ability to be modified to use in school projects or even on an FLL team. We see much value in opening our students up to the world of Arduino. The prerequisite for this class will be either new or old Level 3 program. 

FLL Prep – We will be offering this summer a class that will allow students an opportunity to learn how we approach our FLL season. The day will be broken up into two parts; 1 half robot and 1 half project. They will work on challenges from previous seasons and will be coached as if they are a team of 10 students. This class will be a prerequisite to be considered for an E-Bots FLL Team. Students must have E-Bots Level 2 to participate in this class.

** If a student wishes to participate in the FLL program but has not taken any classes with E-Bots before they must have been on an FLL team prior to the summer or must be assessed by one of our coaches.