+15 Programs

Designed for +15 year olds, our classes are a max size of 10 students.

*Not every program will be offered every season

Adults 1

Introductory Programming

Are you 15+ and have you been wanting to have as much fun as the kids do with the LEGO robots and learning how to make them move?  Well here is your chance!  We have put on the adult classes before and they have had a great time exploring and learning.  The class will start with our standard level 1 class and will progress at their own speed through the time given, they may move into some level 2 teaching if they prove to be avid students!  

No pre-requiste or experience required. Must be older than 15. 

Adults 2

Intermediate Level Programming

Continuing their robotics journey from Adults I, students will be all that more encouraged in their adventure as they are able to more freely program and design their robots as harder challenges present themselves. 

Students must have taken Adults 1 to participate.